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Thailand Lottery Result Today Live Winner – Thai Lotto

Thailand lottery results today’s latest winner list and all the numbers. The update is the latest and getting from the head office of Thailand Government Lottery. The draw is held biweekly ( 2 times a month). Here all the detail of the lotto is shared for help.

Thailand Lottery Result Today Live

Open your lottery ticket and match with the following list of today’s winners. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th winners step by step with all their detail. The prize amount of 1st prize of the Thailand lottery is 2 million Thai Baht if matches all numbers. The amount will be double if match 6 numbers.

Thailand Government Lottery Result

The prize detail of the Thai lottery is 1 lac Thai baht, 10 prizes of 40 thousand for 2nd, 20 thousand for 3rd, 10 thousand for 4th with confirmed 100 winners, and 50 thousand for the 5th winner.

Today’s Thailand Lottery Draw Result

All the information about the Thailand lottery is mentioned here with 100% trusted and helpful information. There are many ways to win the Thai lottery through guess numbers Thailand lottery 1234 which are giving an idea and guess about 4up while 3up guess numbers and the latest Thai lottery formula.

Change your lifestyle by winning a good amount of Thai baht by win result and 32 million baht distributed to winners on each draw.

Thailand lottery six-line result – Ticket

The price of the 2 tickets is 80 baht so don’t pay more than 80 baht and always buy from  Krung Thai Bank and verified sellers.  The price is not high according to the prize amount. It is good news for all of you if you are at least 21 years old and have no restrictions from your country. The single ticket price is 40 baht but you need to buy 2 tickets and 6 numbers printed on each ticket.

This lotto is well-known as a (TGL) and another type is TCL (Thai Charity Lottery). TGL’s 1st prize is 6 million baht and a bonus of 30 million while 0.5 tax will be paid by the winner. The TCL 1st prize is 3 million baht with a bounce of 22 million with 1% tax.

There are nearly 1 million tickets available for each draw because of their popularity in the World and players from Saudi Arabia, the USA, Kuwait, and other counties like to play in each draw.

This is the only way to make rich overnight by winning the Thai lotto draw but you must get your prize money within 10 years after the result. If you can’t get it, the prize amount will be added to the state charity.

There are more than 15000 retail vendors from where the public purchase ticket to participate.

Thai Lottery official Website: GLO

Thailand Lottery – History

The Thai lottery is a legal lottery drawn by Thailand Government held on the 1st and 16 of the month and millions of players from all over the World participate.

The Government lottery work under the act of B.E 2562 and in Section 5, it has been shown that the lottery will be a Government lottery with the office name same(Thailand Government Lottery).

When we read their history, it is very interesting, in 1874 on King Chulalongkorn’s birthday event, the King granted permission to announce European style lottery by the name of Thailand Lottery and the price was 5 baht that time the first lottery name was Sua pa Volunteers.

It helps much in the benefits of the state because the purpose was the same to get benefits. The first lottery ticket purpose was to purchase guns and transferred to the police department and after getting revenue, the Government started fund generated for Medicine and Education

It was very helpful for the government to generate funds for state welfare without any issues so it is a legal lottery of Thailand where the public and state get benefits. This lottery plays a vital role in the economy of Thailand.

Thailand lottery Winning number

The government gets tax on the ticket quantity from the winner and spends for the state welfare. All the Thai lottery processes work under the Ministry of Thailand. The winner numbers are the luck of the winner. The prize detail is mentioned in below:

Prizes Numbers Quantity Winning Amount 
1st 1 6000000
2nd 5 200000
3rd 10 80000
4th 50 40000
5th 100 20000
Extra Prizes – Closest to 1st Prize 2 100000
 3 Digits: 02 Times draw 2000 4000
Last 3Digits: Draw 02 Times draw 2000 4000
2 Digits: Draw 1 Time draw 10000 2000


Thai Charity Lottery Prize Detail

thai charity lottery

Thai Lottery Rule and Regulation

There are many lotteries in each country and different terms and conditions so the same are here in Thailand.  If your age is 21 and no lottery restriction from your country, you can participate and win this lotto.

  1. Prize can be claimed by ticket owners (not any other)
  2. Must claim within 2 years, after that amount will be used in welfare charities.
  3. You can’t claim about ticket price if you purchase more than 80 baht for 2 tickets.
  4. Must bring your original ticket and CNIC during the prize withdrawal.

These are the easy rules where anyone can play and win the Thailand lottery and make their lifestyle better than past. The detail about the lottery is here with updates so you can check here and start to participate in the latest coming draw.

How to check Thai lottery results?

It is very easy to check Thailand Lottery results on each draw.

Open this page on each and open your lottery ticket and match numbers with the results numbers. If you have no time, you can download results in pdf format and check when reach home easily.

How Thai Lottery Draw Work

The draw is held through the latest technology machine which picks colored balls randomly. Here is a detail of balls and numbers with colors.

Yellow:       1
Pink:          2
Green:       3
Blue:          4

How to Claim Thailand Lottery Prize GLO

If you win the Thai lotto and want to claim your prize money, you must follow the following steps:

Bringing all original documents for the claim is very important for the winner.

  • A lottery ticket(Original) and backside signature are a must.
  • ID Card
  • Original Lottery Ticket and signature on their backside.
  • You can get a prize in cash if the amount s under 20 thousand baht and 0.50% tax will be deducted if the prize amount is more than 20 thousand baht, you need to open an account in a Thailand bank and get money there and after that, you can transfer money from the bank to another bank

You need to visit the Thailand lottery head office Sanambinnam Branch, G Floor, 359 Nonthaburi Road Thasai, Mueang Nonthaburi, Nonthaburi.

How Much Time Need to Claim a Prize of Thai Lotto?

Claim Prizes for 48 minutes

Claim Prizes for 15 minutes

General Inquiry 5 minutes

First Prize for 30 minutes

Claim Prizes within 2 hours


When are the Thailand lottery draws held?

The result is held 2 times in a month, on each 1st and 16th.

Where can I check the latest Thailand lottery results?

You can check Thailand lottery results on this page

Are the Thailand lottery results available online?

Yes, here you can find it on each draw.

How can I find out if my Thailand lottery ticket has won a prize?

You need to open and open this page, open your ticket, and match numbers with winning numbers which is available on this page.

What are the different prize tiers in the Thailand lottery?

The lottery has 5 different prizes from 1st to 5th with different prize amounts and number matches.

What should I do if my ticket wins a prize in the Thailand lottery?

If you win, you can claim your prize from the GLO office.

Can foreigners participate in the Thailand lottery?
Yes, if he/she has at least 21 year.

How are the Thailand lottery numbers drawn?
two methods

The first draw is for the three-digit “pin” number.
second draw is for the two-digit “tailing” number. These numbers are then combined to form the winning lottery numbers.

 What is the cost of a Thailand lottery ticket?
80 Thai Baht

Are Thailand lottery winnings taxable?
Yes, 0.8% tax on the Official lottery and 1% on the charity lottery.

Can we purchase Thai Lottery tickets Online?

Yes, you can book the ticket through a mobile app through the bank’s site, and receive it by the post office.


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